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Indian Biryani

27 Aswell Street, Louth, LN11 9BA

Delivery from 17:40

Note: Allergy info: If you have any food allergies please inform us before ordering

£2.00 delivery charge within Louth.

Outside Louth will be charged as follows: Manby £5 Grimoldby £5 . Legbourne £5. Utterby £5. Fotherby £5. Keddington £4. Thanks

Delivery OUT of Louth will be £5.00 or more depending on the distance. 

Delivery out of town is £5 pound or more depending on the distances. so either customer pay the driver money or click the village there are from twice will add to fiver .or call us before the place the order.

Free delivery in town order over 15 pounds.

Under 15 pounds is 2 pounds.

Tandoori Dishes (Dry)

Dry served with fresh salad, yogurt sauce & veg curry sauce

Deedar House Specialities.

Does not come with Chips,Nan and Rice.

Deedar Traditional Favourites.

Does not come with Chips,Nan and Rice.

Tandoori Masala New Recipe

Served with chips & peas

Any change to set meals may incur charhes

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