Deep Sea Fish Bar.

Fish & Chips Kebab

356 Greenford Avenue, London, W7 3DA

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Traditional homemade Turkish sides, starters and dips.

Traditional homemade Turkish sides, starters and dips.

Served with salad and any choice of sauce, wrapped around warm tortilla bread.

Choose from either a pasta or homemade salad or mix the two

Our roast chicken is high quality, marinated and roasted to golden perfection.

Our pasties are sourced from original British bakers.

All fish are fried in the thinnest and crispiest batter.

Our famous hand-cut chunky chips are fried in the finest groundnut oil.

Homemade and produced in British farms, our selection of sausages are true British quality

Homemade with care, our authentic pies are the perfect balance of crust and taste.

Served with Greek salad, garlic butter and (choose from: chips or mash potato)

Served with mixed salad, chilli sauce, garlic sauce and rice.

All served with dips (ketchup or mayonnaise) and a carton of juice (apple or orange or ribena 250ml) or water (500ml)

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