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Some of our dishes may contain traces of nuts, dairy & gluten, please ask a member of staff for any allergen & special dietary requirements.

There are lots of vegan friendly dishes. Please ask a member of staff.

Wondering why we are called "Delhi Dream"?

Delhi "Heart of India", comes across as a city of richness, diversity and power....Delhi manifests itself in many forms of artistic expression. It reflects an astonishing variety of architecture, art, music, culture and authentic cuisine within an entity called India.

Our vision here is to bring you a confluence of cultures witnessed by the city that merits a chornicle of its own. A city , which has been a capital for several kingdoms in the past, has successfully adopted those flavours on its platter. The same goes for all the migrated communities who came, settled and made Delhi their own. The rich culinary heritage of the city is a mix of all those royal recipes from the Shahi kitchens, and the roadside chaats, the in-house family recipes passed down through generations and the plush restaurants that line the urban landscape of the city. Delhis food culture is a mixture of its past, different cultures and traditions. Also, Delhi today has come to embrace the best of the international cuisines.

Delhi is a treasure trove of good eating places. The city comprises not only the best of cuisines and dishes from around the whole world as well. Chandni Chowk, An area within the walled city is undoubtedly a foodies paradise. Its narrow streets have a lot to offer. To put it in another words, you can roam in its buzzing markets and narrow streets and eat all-day-long. So allow us to take you on a journey from morning tea to delectable desserts so we can bring to you the essence of the city that has such a rich heritage and has kept evolving our centuries.

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