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Temperatures in our tandoor can be approach 480°C (900°F) & it is common for tandoor ovens to remain lit for long periods to maintain the high cooking temperature. Each dish is left to marinate overnight in our special sauce then roasted on orders in a clay oven for that distinctive flavour. Served with fresh salad & special yoghurt dip

We are proud to introduce in our service, some of the authentic Moghul's favourite & unique culinary delights of Bangladesh. We are able to provide proper dishes served to our customer

Speciality balti dishes served with garlic naan. Spicy dishes that are the traditional cuisine of the Kashmir & Indus valleys their extending taste & aromatic flavours & serve something different

For generations, the blending & experimentation of fresh spices has created diversity in each curry dish. Here at Delhi spice, we use our knowledge & experience to create the perfect blend of outstanding flavours

Royal basmati rice stir-fried with fresh herbs & spices served with a medium strength mixed vegetable curry sauce, daal or raita (spiced yoghurt)

Complements all of our foods & when eaten together with vegetables, enhances your taste buds

Nutritional, flavoursome & are a challenge welcomed by cooks all over the world

Served with chips, peas & tomato

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