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Sandwiches Lunch

66 Burley Road, Leeds, LS3 1JX

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Hot & cold

Freshly made to your specification with option of white or wholemeal bread

All additional fillings £1.00 extra

Cheese or salad £0.50 extra

Soft & delicious

Freshly baked quality potatoes topped with choice of one or more fillings, with options of seasoning & butter

A perfect lunch option

All additional meat fillings £1.00 extra

Cheese or salad £0.50 extra

Sliced bread filled & topped with cheese & dressing grilled piping hot

Tortilla wrap filled & Topped with fresh Salad, Cheese & Dressing,

Served hot & cold

Any choice of filling in a delicious grilled panini bread, includes onions, peppers, cheese & dressing

Fresh baguette filled, heated & topped with cheese & dressing

Lightly grilled pitta bread filled with steak, also includes salad & dressing

Additional cheese £0.50 extra

All our salads are fresh & served to a high quality daily with option for additional cheese & salad

Additional cheese or salad £0.50 extra

Additional cheese or salad £0.50 extra

Additional cheese or salad £0.50 extra

100% Pure handmade beef

Something different

Thick, yummy

It's smooth & it's in the name

Served with water or Capri Sun or can of Pepsi (any other can of drink 25p extra)

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