Deli Ice

Panini's Desserts Halal

173 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, OL12 0DR

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All meat paninis come with onions, peppers, cheese and mix sauce.

Sliced bread filled and topped with cheese and dressing, grilled piping hot.

Jacket potatoes come with butter & seasoning.

Cold Sandwiches

Check out deli ice very own munch boxes. Selecting what you like best all in one box..

Milkshakes come with whip cream and sauce.

Topped with cream and sauce

Slush & Mock Tail Flavours

Asian summer drinks

Freshly oven baked cookie doughs.

Contains: Nuts, Soya, Milk and Gluten

All puddings are served with hot custard

Belgian Donuts & Doodh Patti

Luxury ice Cream Scoops

May contain nuts.

Sundaes made using gelato ice cream biscuits and whip cream drenched with sauce

A selection of the best American sweets, crisps and drinks..

Freshly baked in store our very own Belgian waffles topped with your favourite fillings

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