Deli Intu

Chicken Panini's

532 Thornton Road, Bradford, BD8 9NB

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Fresh grilled baguettes, topped with cheese and heated with a choice of cheddar or mozzarella cheese

Choice of 3 flavours, peri peri, mango and lime, lemon and herb. Served with chips or rice and a drink

Served as a meal with chips and a drink

Choice of boiled rice or pilau rice

Sliced bread filled and topped with cheese and seasoning, grilled piping hot

Freshly baked potatoes topped with your choice of one or more fillings with the option of seasoning or butter

Any choice of filling in delicious grilled bread includes onions, peppers and dressing

Soft tortilla bread filled and topped with fresh salad and dressing served hot or cold

Freshly prepared to your specification with option of bap or baguette

Served with chips and an Orange Capri Sun

Includes salad and dressing

Fresh and daily prepared vegetables

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