Desi Flame

Indian Curry Halal

102 Lea Village, Birmingham, B33 9SD

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Note: Due to the nature of the business we cannot guarantee that food prepared on these premises is free from allergenic ingredients. Any concerns please speak to a member of staff about the ingredients in your meal when placing your order.

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These dishes are served with salad & complementing dips

All platters are accompanied by a special chutney, dips and fresh crisp salad.

These dishes are served with fresh crisp salad and desi flame chutney.

Desi Flame recipe to create smooth rich masala.

Mild Dishes.

Desi Chef Specialties

(Created by our award winning chef)

The following dishes are served in a dividing dish.

You can also make your own combination.

Slowly cooked with fresh leaf spinach tossed with garlic & spices

Medium hot

Your choices of dishes can be prepared with any of the following:

These dishes are served with cooling creamy cucumber yogurt or channa dhall.

Can be served as a main for additional £2.00

Rice & Chips Selection

Happy Meal

Served with a salad

Desi Street Food Corner

Quick snack originated from the streets of Bangladesh & India.

Make it a meal for an extra £2.00 (Chips & drink)

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