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Aaloo – Potato

Achaar – Pickle

Anda – Egg

Baingan – Aubergine

Bhindi – Okra

Chana – Chickpeas

Chana Dal – Split Bengal gram

Dal – Lentil

Dal Mash – Split Black gram

Gobhi – Cauliflower

Gosht – Tender meat

Haleem - Made of wheat, barley, meat lentils and spices

Karahi - A type of thick, circular, and deep cooking pot

Karela - bitter gourd or Bitter melon

Kofta – Meat balls

Kulcha - Mildly leavened flatbread

Masala – Spice

Mattar – Green Peas

Methi – Fenugreek leaves

Naan - Oven-baked flatbread

Nehari – Shank

Pakora – Onion Bhaji

Paneer – Cheese

Paratha – Flat bread that is fried in a pan or baked in a tandoori

Paya – Feet

Qeema – Mince

Saag – Leaf-based vegetable like spinach

Samosa - Fried pastry with a savoury filling

Seekh – Skewer

Sindhi – Originating from the Sindh province of Pakistan

Tandoor – A cylindrical clay oven

Tarka - A method of seasoning food with spices, heated in oil or ghee

Tawa - Convex disc-shaped frying pan

Tikka – Cutlet (boneless piece)

Zeera/Jeera – Cumin

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