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Adults need around 2000 kcal a day. Equal to 8400 kJ.

Ultimate junky shakes Give in to your cravings and satisfy yourself with our ultimate junky shakes, made using Italian gelato ice cream to give it that extra kick

Satisfy your addiction by ordering our freshly cooked Belgian American waffles. We create, when others imitate!

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Waffle sticks cooked to perfection in store

Medium is 2 sticks of waffle dough

Large is 3 sticks of waffle dough

Keep the munchies at bay by indulging in our junky cookie dough today!

Indulge yourself into a slice of our delicious lip licking junky cheesecakes. So tasty you will want more, served with fresh whipped cream

Make it a fun day by treating yourself to a junky sundae!

Indulge into an add on to personalise your dessert

A glazed doughnut sandwiched with your favourite gelato ice cream topped up with your desired toppings!

Taking you back to school!

In house fried Churros available in many exciting flavours. Sprinkled with sugar

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