DFC Swansea

Burgers Kebab Halal

30 Saint Helen's Road, Swansea, SA1 4AP

Delivery from 17:30

Note: Please speak to a manager of staff if you have any allergies

Meals are served with reg fries & can of drink

Carbonated Slush

Grilled with onions, peppers and coriander in a signature sauce of your choice. Served with a free bag of salad - We do not put any additional sauces or salads on top of our kebabs

Our original recipe fried chicken or wings with a slight kick

Chicken wings or strips, stir fried in one of our signature sauces

Served with lettuce and cheese, rolled in a tortilla or naan bread

Served with lettuce and creamy cheese in a brioche bun

Served with lettuce, cheese and mayo in a seeded bun

Served with lettuce, cheese and burger sauce in a seeded bun

Veggie, spicy bean or fish fillet burgers

Chicken nuggets, strips, popcorn chicken or spicy chicken bites

Various Fries, Sides & Extras

Served with a small fries, a capri sun drink and a lollipop in a party box

Tiramisu Desserts - Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Dipping Sauces, Cans, Bottles, Water, Prime Energy

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