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Tandoori Massala Dishes

The all time favourite invented by a world famous but unknown British curry chef in the early 70's as a way of exploiting his already popular chicken tikka. We present our own exclusive recipe.

Balti is originated in Northern- most Pakistan, it is an aromatic and herby dish using an abundance of freshly ground garam masala and dhaniya cooked in a wok. Currently the craze of the midlands, commonly eaten with a nan bread or tandoori roti.

Gourmet choice. The gourmet choice represents the style of cooking known as "Dumpukht" originated in the food courts of the Moghul Emperors and represents the pinnacle of Indian dining. The preparation of Dumpukht is so special that is only the finest of Indian chefs are able to master this art form. The emphasis is on quality, freshness and clarity of taste and aromas.

Traditional Main Courses

From the Golden Age of British Indian food, our selection of old favourites. These dishes are recognised by everyone and have been enjoyed by generations of Indian food lovers.

Tandoori Barbecued Selection

An ancient style of cooking which originated in the rugged North West Frontier of India, the natural, healthy and earthy tones of our tandoori dishes is achieved by the use of only fresh herbs and spices in the marinade, resulting in maybe not the most colourful but definitely the most delicious and succulent kebabs! Served with fresh green salad and mint and yoghurt relish.

The common but much talked about dish. Splendid in taste and in a way an articulation of the hyderabadi ethos and personality. Since rice and meat constituted and non meat dishes. Biryani dishes are meals in themselves. Served with a mixed vegetable curry.

These dishes are very palatable & appropriate as an addition to main dishes. Vegetables are an essential part of Indian diet. Vegetable dishes are either cooked dry or with natural juices in the vegetable supplying the moisture or with little sauce.

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