Dil Tandoori

Indian Curry

17 Beconsfield Parade, Bromley, SE9 4EA

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Note: The dishes we offer on our menu are freshly cooked to our own individual order using fresh spices with no artificial flavouring. So to serve your food to the highest standard a little patience would be appreciated

Tandoori dishes are marinated in mustard oil, yoghurt, tandoori paste & lemon juice along with spices & herbs, cooked in a clay oven, served with salad

The most famous curry dish in the UK, prepared with cream, almond, coconut, yoghurt & mild with selected spices

Superbly cooked in creamy sauce with almond & coconut

Really mild with creamy sauce

Mild with banana

Mild with pineapple


Fairly hot

Very hot

Extra hot

Curry with mushroom

Curry with spinach


Cooked with special herbs, tomato, capsicum in a medium thick sauce

Cooked with green pepper & tomato

Prepared with dry herbs, medium hot

Cooked with onion, green pepper, well spiced thick sauce, medium hot

Very hot with coconut powder

Cooked with egg & potato

With vegetable

Sweet, sour & fairly hot

Cooked with lentils, sweet & sour

Fairly hot

Cooked with onions, green chillies, tomatoes, herbs & spices, hot

Prepared with pilau rice, served with mixed vegetable curry, medium hot

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