Dipali Restaurant

Indian Curry

82 Aldermans Hill Palmers Green, London, N13 4PP

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Note: "Few of our dishes may contain nuts or dairy products. If you suffer from Allergies then, please inquire when ordering."

Mandatory conditions: All off sales of alcohol shall be made in a sealed container.

Off sales of alcohol shall only be sold ancillary to the supply of takeaway or delivery cooked food.

Delivery of alcohol to anybody who appears to be under the age of 25 shall require evidence of proof of age to be shown to the person making the delivery. If proof is not provided or if there is any doubt about the I.D. the delivery of alcohol shall be refused.

Delivery of alcohol can only be made to a domestic dwelling or place of business.

A record of refused sales shall be kept on the premises and completed when necessary. This record shall contain the date and time of the refusal, a description of the customer, the name of the staff member who refused the sale, and the reason the sale was refused. This record shall be made available to Police and/or the Local Authority upon request and shall be kept for at least one year from the date of the last entry.

The Tandoor is an open-top, charcoal fired oven with clay walls. The special feature of all Tandoori dishes is delicate flavour imparted to the cooked item because of the clay walls.

This subtle aromatic spices make Tandoori dishes a memorable culinary delight.

Murghi (Chicken) Dishes

Gosht (Meat) Dishes

Seafood (Prawn) Dishes

Spicy dishes served with plain nan bread.

Dishes cooked with lentils and selected spices – slightly hot, sweet and sour

Mas Specialities (Fish)

Pillaw rice prepare with chicken,meat or prawn and seasoned to suit individual taste,a full portion of vegetable curry is served with it.

Niramish (Vegetables) - Vegetable dishes

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