DJ's Cafe

Burgers Pizza

246 Albert Road, Plymouth, PL2 1AW

Delivery from 17:55

We make our steak burgers fresh on site. With salad,fried onions, choice of sauces or chilli jam.

Upgrade your burger into a pizzaburger - we'll upturn your bun top, add sauce, cheese & pepperoni

Desserts by the slice

Our pizza dough is freshly made on site and comes with a choice of fresh sauces (tomato, garlic tomato, spicy tomato or cheese sauce), then loaded with cheeses and up to 3 toppings of your choice. Each pizza is then fired in our stone decked oven.

Enjoy our fresh homemade pasta dishes - including mac & cheese and lasagna. Design your own pasta bake adding your favourite toppings for just £1.50 extra per item.

Garlic bread - freshly made with garlic butter

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