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Note: 1) Strict vegetarians please mention in comment

2) For the safety of our drivers, a driver will only deliver to the main door/reception when delivering to apartment blocks, flats or hotels.

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4) Please mention your allergies in comments

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We use Turkey ham. Using a cheese & tomato pizza as a base. Our ingredients make our food, so it's vital that we only use the best - from the sweet Italian tomatoes we crush into our pizza sauce. That means we always pick our suppliers very carefully & are lucky enough to source our food from some of the best in the world. Fresh dough everyday

Our regular crust- Fresh pizza dough base

Thin crust - Fresh pizza dough stretched to a thin crust

Stuffed crust - Cheese our fresh dough stretched out to a stuffed crust with soft cheese

Stuffed crust with cheese & salami - Fresh dough hand stretched out with salami crust

Stuffed crust & extra toppings are available

10" = Regular

12" = Large

15" = Family

18" = Super

A folded pizza made of bread dough with a hint of garlic & butter stuffed with ingredients that are normally associated with pizza toppings

Each calzone has same toppings as assigned for pizza, check pizza section

All kebabs served with fresh naan, salad & sauce

Served with salad & sauce

All are served with tortilla bread 12" with choice of salad & sauce

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