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Indian Curry

42-44 Railway Street, Altrincham, WA14 2RE

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Steeped in a marinade of herbal yoghurt with freshly crushed garlic, ginger and ground spices cooked on skewers over glowing embers in the tandoor or grill which produces a deliciously sensational taste which defies description. All tandoori dishes are served with a Bhuna curry sauce and a fresh green salad.

Exceptionally rich sauce made with whipped fresh cream, ground almonds, coconut flour, aromatic spices and a touch of herbal yoghurt.

Gently infused rice dish with caramelised julienne cut onions and peppers, almonds, sultanas, hint of fresh garlic, ginger and medium spices. Garnished with a boiled egg and a cucumber and tomato salad dressing served with a vegetable curry sauce to create an exquisite satisfying meal.

Medium strength sauce using basic herbs and spices

All starters are served with fresh green salad

Fish starters may contain small fish bones

All starters are served with fresh green salad

Above dishes may contain small fish bones

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