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Chicken American Halal

16 Garrick Walk, Milton Keynes, MK9 3PT

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Our Chicken Burgers are made using 100% Fresh Chicken Breast Fillets of the highest quality and we never use frozen chicken!

Our Chicken and Wings made Fresh to order to retain taste and quality.

Want to get creative? Build your own Burger with an excellent range of extras for your burger. Have your burger how you want it!

Try our tasty vegetarian burger patty that’s cooked to perfection, or our Halloumi Cheese fries till Golden Brown and topped with fresh ingredients.



Perfect way to complete our Meal!

American Cheesecakes

A Cold Tasty Beverage to Wash Down that Juicy Burger!

Dip those fries or your Burgers!

Perfect way to compliment your Breakfast Burger or with any meal!

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