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Note: Food Allergies & Intolerances

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Our aim is to provide good food and good service to all our customers.

Cannot guarantee any dish completely free from allergens.

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Traditional and Oriental method of barbecuing and baking over flaming charcoal on skewers. Chicken or Lamb individually marinated for a few hours in sauce with delicate herbs and different mixes of spices before being cooked.

Cooked with fresh roast onions & capsicum blended together by the wonderful combination of fried spices & yoghurt medium sweet flavour. Served with plain Nan.

Cooked moist with green pepper, onion, fresh green chilli and spices. Very hot.

Medium spicy/mild. Served with Pilau Rice

Very mild with coconut fresh cream and delicate spices

Medium hot, cooked with fresh tomatoes, onion, ginger, garlic, green pepper, spices & coriander.

Massala Dishes are marinated in selected spices, barbecued and cooked in special Massala sauce, mix nuts

Pasanda dishes cooked in light spices with almond powder, coconut in a mild sauce with fruit, nuts and fresh cream

Medium spicy with garlic and pickle

Very hot, prepared with naga pickle, spices, onions and herbs

Cooked in medium sauce with spices

Very hot, strongly flavoured with sauces and spices.

Medium strength, moist, cooked with fresh spices, tomato, onions, green pepper & coriander.

Medium, moist base garnished with onion and fried tomato and coriander.

Fairly hot, cooked with sauce and spices

Fairly hot, cooked with coconut & sauce

Medium strength, moist, cooked with diced green pepper and onions, spices & coriander.

Sweet & sour and hot addition of lentils

Sweet & sour and hot with spices & herbs

Chicken, meat or prawn cooked with pilau rice and served with vegetable curry

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