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Eastern Balti has brought us top varieties of tandoori dishes. A tandoori is a top opening beehive shaped,

charcoal fired clay oven. It is found most popular throughout the indian sub-continent.

Tandoori foods are mildly spiced and easy to digest. The tandoori dishes are served on a sizzling plate.

Balti dishes delicately prepared by our Chef with

ginger, garlic, chillies and flavoured with herbs

and spices. Served in traditional balti pans

Saute fried green chillies, herbs, ginger, onions

and capsicums cooked in a spicy, sweet and

sour sauce, which is prepared by our head chef.

These dishes are very tantalising!!

A mild dish with pineapple and cream with a

touch of lentils and spices

This dish is prepared with a lot of freshly chopped

onions and seasoning, garlic, coriander and

medium spices.

An interesting blend of garlic, ginger, chillies,

fried onions and capsicums producing a

traditional Indian taste.

Karahi dishes are specially prepared by our Chef

in a traditional Punjabi style with fresh ginger,

garlic, tomatoes, green chillies, coriander and

flavoured with delicate herbs and spices.

Mild dish prepared with coconut milk, tumeric

and fresh cream.

Prepared with pepper, tomato and onion with thick

spicy sauce to give the dish a mouth watering flavour.

Lightly spiced, cooked with tomatoes, garlic

and ginger.

Diced boneless chicken marinated in spicy yoghurt,

cooked in a clay oven with tomato based sauce

(highly recommended).

Dishes with a South Indian origin, consists of

fresh tomatoes, stock and chillies

This is a highly flavoured dish with garlic, ginger,

fresh tomatoes and lemon to give a strong

flavour to the hot dish.

These dishes are specially prepared by our Chef.

Made with special spices, sweet and sour, hot.

Mildly cooked with banana and selected spices,


Cooked with spices, cashew nuts and cream.

These dishes are cooked with spinach, herbs and

spices. It is a medium strength dish. Best for

spinach lovers

Lightly spiced, cooked with tomatoes,

garlic and ginger.

Rice lightly fried with peas and spices

served with a choice of any sauce.

Our Naan are family size

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