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Note: Allergy Awareness

If you have any food allergies please notify a member of staff before ordering.

Management reserves the right to refuse the service without stating a reason.

All our starters are served with salad

Tandoori Specialities

All preparations cooked in the Tandoori are marinated in yoghurt together with a special blend of Indian herbs and spices to suit each variety of preparations. This process seals in the goodness and the smouldering charcoal also lends the food it's special flavour.

All our starters are served with salad

Our balti dishes are made only with the freshest ingredients, carefully marinated in specially prepared recipes of herbs and spices allowing the flavour to be enrich each individual balti. Served with nan bread or rice.

All Biriany dishes served with free vegetable curry

Side Dishes

Vegan & Glyten Free Dishes

All English dishes are served with sweet peas and fresh tomatoes, garnished with fried onion

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