Japanese Korean Halal

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Note: For allergens issues, please ask a member of staff

Rice topped with fresh and cooked vegetables served in a bowl with Korean red chilli sauce served on the side.

Deep fried Chicken, Prawn or Vegetable cutlet in breadcrumbs with Japanese curry sauce and with rice.

Korean crispy boneless fried chicken comes with choice of home-made Korean sauce.

Korean crispy fried chicken wings comes with choice of home-made Korean sauce.

Homemade pan fried Mondo.

Stir fried rice with stir fried kimchi topped with seaweed, spring onion and sesame seed.

Sticky rice served in a bowl with stir fried mixed vegetables and homemade teriyaki sauce.

Korean crispy chicken with Korean coleslaw and cheese.

Boneless fried chicken, tofu (V) or veg cutlet comes with Japanese steam bun topped with spring onion, sesame seed.

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