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Shawarma, a beloved Middle Eastern delicacy, tantalizes taste buds with its aromatic blend of tender, marinated meats layered onto a vertical rotisserie. Slowly roasted to juicy perfection, the meat is thinly sliced and served nestled in warm pita bread (saloon) or naan bread. All shawarma sandwiches have an option of Naan or Samoon

Fatayer is a Middle Eastern stuffed pastries stuffed with cheese, chicken, lamb or mix, if you have it with meat it also include cheese in and on it, its wrapped in pizza dough and cooked until golden!

Savor the tantalizing aroma of freshly grilled Kurdish kebabs, seared to perfection over crackling charcoal flames. Served with freshly baked homemade naan break or sammon bread swell as salad and sauces!

All our pizzas comes with tomato puree base but you can choose from chilli base, garlic base and bbq base as well

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