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Italian Pizza Halal

88 Brownhill Road, London, SE6 2EW

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Note: If you have any concerns please contact the store before ordering, and alert your phone operator if you or anyone you order for has a food allergy. Chicken wings are supplied as spicy unless stated at the time of ordering. We use gm soya

oil. Some products may contain nut derivatives and small bones in poultry and meat products. We do not use nuts in our pizzas or side orders. Some ice-cream and dessert may contain nuts and some ingredients are products in factories that

handles nuts.

10.5" Small - 6 slices

12" Med - 8 slices

15" Large - 10 Slices

Thin Crust

Expertly hand stretched to



Thick-crust pizza - crispy on

the outside, soft and fluffy on

the inside.

Stuffed Crust

A ring of melted mozzarella

cheese stuffed in the crust - an

extra treat!

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