British Café

14 Station Terrace, London, NW10 5RT

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Note: All dishes may contain one or more of the following allergens:

Wheat; gluten; peanuts; nuts; sesame seeds; celery, soya; milk; eggs; mustard; lupin; mollusc; crustaceans; fish;

sulphur dioxide

The dishes may also contain food additives and/or other substances that might not be suitable for pregnant women or people with specific dietary needs

For any questions regarding allergens or other contents of specific dishes please contact the restaurant directly

Melts or Toasties

All served with Butter

Three eggs in all omelettes. Served with fried potatoes

40p Extra for toasted

Salad 60p extra

All served with butter

£2.50 Extra if served with a side salad

Starters and Morning Goods

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