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All Japanese dumplings are served with Japanese sweet chili sauce

All Japanese dim sum served with sweet chili sauce

Etsu signature rolls are served with mixed salad, wasabi, soya sauce and pickled ginger

All sushi boxes served with mix salad, wasabi, soya sauce, and pickled ginger

3 Pieces of hand pressed sushi rice ball with different toppings presented with ginger, wasabi and soya sauce

1 Piece of cone shaped nori loaded down with sushi rice and stuffed with variety of filling served with mix salad, soya sauce, ginger and wasabi

All sashimi served with mix leaf, soya sauce, wasabi and ginger

8 Pieces big rolls wrapped in seaweed sheet served with mix leaf, soya, wasabi and ginger

All sushi boxes served with mix salad, soya sauce, plead edamame, wasabi, ginger and ponzu sauce

Well presented sushi box made of authentic sushi items for family party celebration served with mix salad, soya sauce, wasabi and ginger

All Japanese curry served with java curry, carrot, potato, sticky rice, red cabbage, mix salad, sesame seeds, pickled ginger, and plead edamame

All Japanese miso ramen soup, ramen noodles served with mushrooms, wakame, beansprout, lime leaf, spring onion, plead edamame, red chilli and half egg

All donburi bowl served with teriyaki sauce, peeled edamame, mix vegetable, spring onion, red cabbage, pickled ginger and sesame seeds

Very popular stir fried rice noodle dish. This delicious classic dis is perfect for family dinners.

A popular japanese fried noodle dish. It's trendy street food but a traditional family meal as well.

Mixed with stir fried vegetables, japanese fried rice are served with lime, plum tomato, ginger pickles, spring onions & sesame seeds in donburi rice bowls.

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