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Indian Curry Halal

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Note: If you are allergic to certain dishes, please contact the restaurant if the dishes can be altered to suit your needs.

The Kurma is traditional dish that combines a luxurious mixture of cream, coconut and almond to create the mildest treat. A medium dish, The Bhuna is created with a saucy mix od diced onions, garlic and herbs.

Another traditional dish, the madras is less hot, the vandaloo comes a piece of potatoe.

The Balti is a fairly hot dish, with a sauce made from sliced onions, peppers, tomatoes mixed together with balti marinade to create an exquisite dish. The Jalfrezi is a fairly hot traditional dish, comes with chunks of onions, peppers and tomatoe, garnished with fresh green chillies.

Your choice of meat cooked with diced onions to create the sauce, then topped with either specially cooked tomatoes (rogan) or specially fried onions (dupiaza).

A medium dish with a specially made sauce created from spinach with different vegetables.

A medium dish strength dish, both made with a sweet & sour flavour, the patia is more saucy dish, whereas the dansakh is made from a thicker sauce made with lentils.

Korai is a pan-fried dish with onions, and pepper, the Achari is cooked with a mixture of diced onion and pickle

The Biryani dish is made up of a stir - fry of onions, garlic, herbs and your choice of meat, mixed with tomato puree, and then fresh basmati rice is added to the mix. This dish comes with vegetable curry side dish.

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