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Adults need around 2000 kcal a day
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  • Safari Buffet
  • Al Carte Options
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  • Meat Samosas

    Made with low fat minced beef and herbs, finished off with fresh coriander. Its mildly spiced and best served with a slice of fresh lemon.


  • Vegetable Samosas

    Made with peas, sweet peppers, carrots and spices finished off with fresh coriander.


  • Tilapia Fillets

    Marinated in our unique blend of seasoning, this tasty fillets are finished in Hot oil. Best served with dash of fresh lemon.


Set Meals

  • Katogo Mix

    Boiled Matooke (African steamed green bananas), stewed with offalls (Matumbo). A heavily eaten staple in Uganda.


  • Goat Muchomo

    Mildly spiced tender goat pieces, charcoal grilled and finished off in the oven, served with pan fried plantain and salad.


Safari Buffet

  • Safari Buffet 1

    Pilau rice, Mattoke (African steamed green bananas) chapatis (African style), stewed beef, spinach in peanut sauce.


  • Safari Buffet 2

    Jolloff rice (spicy option), East African sweet potatoes chips, chapatis (African style), goat curry, fried greens with mushrooms and carrots (also known as sukumawiki or kale)


  • Vegetarian Safari

    Pilau rice, fried Plantain, chapatis (African style), spinach in peanut sauce and mixed vegetable curry.


Al Carte Options

  • Tilapia Special

    Fresh whole tilapia fish mildly spiced, Its one of favourites in the fish menu, with the right accompaniments this whole fish can easily feed 2. The taste is in the preparation. Its pre-seasoned to ensure the spices take time to soak in the fish. The cooking is first started in the frier then finished in the oven for at-least 45mins. Served with shamba sauce (A mixture of red and green peppers, coriander and tomato). It's accompanied best with either Plantain or Posho(sadza). Sweet potatoes chips is another option, feel free to experiment with the other range of accompaniments like Jollof rice for the spice lovers.


  • Beef Stew

    Fresh tender pieces of beef stewed with spring vegetables in season. It's rich in sauce so its best had with something that can soak up those juices. Chapattis are something that comes to mind for me. Not the asian ones, our chapatis is refined ideal we took from the Indians when the settled in East Africa, they are already part of our signature range. If you really want to have the Ugandan experience then have something like matooke, chapatis, pilau rice and beef stew.


  • Goat Curry

    Hearty goat meat chunks stewed in mildly spicy curry sauce. Try this with Ugali as the Kenyans would say it. the South Africans called it Sadza.


  • Chicken Curry

    Filleted chunky chicken pieces in a rich east african style curry sauce. Its mildly spiced however requests can be made in the special instructions section for extra spicing. Its best accompanied with rice and chapatis.


Vegan and Vegetarian Options

  • Spinach in Peanut Sauce

    This vegetarian side is part of our signature range, its a mixture of herbs cooked in a rich peanut sauce-satay.


  • Stewed African Beans

    Prepared in a rich tomato sauce made with our unique blend of herbs, topped off with fresh carrots.


  • Fried Greens with Carrots and Mushrooms

    A simple spore-bearing vegetable option. Get more than half your daily vegetable requirement in this side dish.


  • Mixed Vegetables Curry

    A rich curry composed of aubergines, carrots, mushrooms, courgettes, green and red peppers, green peas, fresh coriander and herbs.



  • Pilau Rice

    Our pilau rice sauce is a mixture of a blend of East African herbs and other ingredients caramelised in hot oil. The rice is not spicy so it can be enjoyed with various options.


  • Jolloff Rice

    This is the spicy option of rice that we serve, its a long grain rice that has rich spicy taste. This taste is in the making of the sauce. For those that are in need of something with a tasty spicy kick. Look no further. Its best enjoyed as a spicy accompaniment or with something grilled like the whole tilapia fish.


  • Chapos (Chapattis)

    Served as a portion (2). This African style of making chapatis has taken the good bits of the asian way and added an African touch. The dough is made by mixing plain flour, salt and touch of vegetable oil while using precisely measured warm water. Once sized and rolled its pan fried to perfection.


  • Matooke (African Steamed Green Bananas)

    Ugandan green bananas freshly peeled, boiled and mashed then steamed. Its best had with something stewed like beef or spinach in peanut sauce.


  • Posho (Ugali/ Sadza)

    A heavily eaten staple in east and south africa. its a dough like steamed maize meal. Prepared using just hot water and maize flour.


  • Plantain Pan Fried

    Best enjoyed with something grilled like the whole tilapia fish.


  • Sweet Potatoes

    East African sweet potatoes, this can be requested as chips or just freshly boiled. best enjoyed with something rich like spinach in peanut sauce for the true sweet and sour east African taste.


Bulk Buy Options

  • Chapos (Chapattis) X5


  • Vegetable Samosas X5


  • Meat Samosas X5



Saturday 20 July 2024
Saturday 13 July 2024
Excellent Food Always
Wednesday 26 June 2024
I’ve loved this place for the longest but for the first time I’m actually disappointed. The takeaway container was filled half way for the food and then I ordered 6 chapatis but only received 3! Wow
Sunday 23 June 2024
Delicious beef stew. Huge portion. Great rich taste.
Thursday 20 June 2024
Amazing driver plus delivery was good. Patiently waited for me even though it was my fault delaying. Wonderful driver.
Tuesday 11 June 2024
Thursday 02 May 2024
Tasty Jolef rice and stew peas. Definitely will order again 👍
Friday 12 April 2024
Friday 23 February 2024
Friday 23 February 2024
The sweet potato was overcooked, it’s very soggy. Beans are not fresh.

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