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Burger Patties are made fresh in the store using locally sourced fresh meat.

All burgers come with the choice of homemade 100% beef patties, Grilled Chicken Fillets and Grilled Halloumi as the main filling.

You can also Choose to have it in brioche style bun or wrapped in a toasted tortilla.

Plant based burgers. Please note that while all the ingredients in plant based range are vegan, we use the same cooking facilities and utensils for vegan and non-vegan items.

All Loaded Fries come with Fried Onion and Mixed Herbs.


All juices come in 330ml bottles

All shakes come in 330ml bottles

All salads come with Lettuce, Cherry Tomato, Olive, Gherkin, Sweet Corn, Onion, Sesame Seeds & Balsamic Vinegar

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