Flames Kebabs & Pizza

Kebab Pizza

101 North St, Romford, RM1 1EU

Delivery from 15:20

Meals served with chips & a can of soft drink

If you want salad any Kebabs

If you want sauce any kebabs

If you want rice any kebabs 1.00

If you want extra cheese any kebabs extra 2.00

If you want grill vegetable any kebabs extra £2.90

If you want 2 slice halloumi of any kebabs extra £ 2.90

100% fresh dough everyday

Extra toppings are available

Stuffed crust Thın crust

7" = Small

10" =  Medium

13" = Large

18" = X-Large

Please ask for choice of sauce & salad

Cheese extra 30 p in burger

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