Indian Curry

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Note: Allergens & Intolerances:

Please note many of our dishes contain allergens such as egg, gluten, dairy, nuts, peanuts, etc. Please ask about your meal when ordering & we will be happy to advise you

Minced meat is mixed with minced chicken

All chicken is breast meat & off the bone 

FREE poppadoms with main dish on takeaways

FREE yoghurt mint dip with main dish takeaways

FREE onion salad with main dish on takeaways

All starters served with green salad & mint sauce

Marinated and barbecued in the tandoori clay oven. These

are dry dishes served with green salad & mint sauce

Flazvourz Exclusive Dishes

Extras are available

An original dish emanating from the frontiers of Kashmir.

The Balti is famed for its wonderful flavours which are

achieved by cooking and serving the dish in a cast iron

wok. Using a unique blend of Balti spices for an authentic

flavour, we can serve the dish very mild to hot.

Extras are available

The following selections are served as two half portions

Tossed together with rice and spices served

with a vegetable curry

All served with green salad

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