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Burgers Kebab Halal

Unit TB01 Wythenshawe Market, Poundswick Lane, Manchester, M22 5RF

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Get a choice of Chicken Zinger, chicken fillet burger or smash burger with 2 chicken tenders and a cold drink

Breakfast sandwiches, Omlette in flat bread, hot drinks, fried egg, sausages, muffins

Doner freshly cut off the spit with your choice or salad/sauce or have it in our signature sizzling style with fresh red peppers and onions cooked on grill with garlic sauce

Fresh beef mince perfectly shaped in 5 oz patties served in a brioche bun with 2 cheese slices, fresh lettuce, choice of pickles or caramelised onions and bae sauce served in a brioche bun

Crunchy hot chicken wings freshly fried in our unique spicy breading, served on its own or add meal for £1.99

Chicken marinated in our special spices for 2 days. Cooked and served with yours choice of sides

A large samosa. Puff pastry filled with shredded chicken or vegetables. Beautifully hand wrapped in a triangle shape.

Comes with chips and fruit shoot 200ml included

All Milkshakes are served with whippy cream on top.

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