Freddy's Chicken & Pizza

Pizza Chicken

46-46A Church Street, Burnley, BB11 2DL

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Dipped in our special spicy sauce

Max your fries only 50p extra

Freddy's Kids

All served with regular fries & regular drink

Add any milkshake to any meal for £2.75

Freddy's Peri Peri

Peri peri flavours: Lemon & herb, mild, hot or extra hot

Extra rice or fries £1.00

Max your fries 50p

All our kebabs are served in white pitta bread with a choice of fresh salad & delicious sauces

Tortilla Kebab Wraps

All wraps served with fresh salad & sauces of your choice

Flavours: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate

Toppings: chocolate bits, peanuts or coloured sugar bits

Syrups: strawberry, chocolate, bubblegum or whipped cream

Add tub of cream 50p

Add ice cream 1 scoop 99p / 2 scoops £1.89

Milkshake blended with your choice of chocolate

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