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Hawaiian Curry Dishes

Peppers, pineapple, mushrooms & onions in sweet & slightly spicy curry

Onions, bamboo shoots & coconut milk

Onions & spring onions tossed in oriental spices

Onions & peppers in satay sauce

Onions, peppers, bamboo shoot, beansprouts & mushrooms in savory sauce

Onions & beansprouts stir fried dry with egg

Onions, peppers, beansprouts, bamboo shoot & topped with cashew nuts in sweet & spicy sauce

Onions, peppers & bamboo shoots in sweet sauce

Onions, peppers, garlic & chilli in sweet sauce

Onions & peppers in thick spicy sauce

Onions, peppers & mushrooms in savory & very spicy sauce

Onions, peppers, beansprouts & garnished with spring onions in spicy & a touch of sweet sour taste

Onions, peppers & mushrooms in garlic & black peppercorn sauce

Onions & peppers in slightly spicy red sauce

Egg Fried Rice Dishes

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