Gala Tandoori

Indian Curry Halal

84 High Street, Galashiels, TD1 1SQ

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Served with chips and salad

Chefs recommendations

Main dishes with recommended side dish. Balti dishes originated among the Hindu people in

north east of India they are individually prepared with freshly made blended mixtures of

authentic spices and herbs. They cooked in a Balti pain with fresh coriander, tomatoes, green

pepper , onion, tantalizing Balti paste and gram masala. Medium hot.

Fried with garlic and onion in mustard oil.

Served with fresh green salad and sauce.

Gala Tandoori Special Pakora

Made with our special butter and deep- fried , served with sauce

Gala Tandoori Special Puri

All served with salad and vegetable curry

Cooked with Himilayan basmati rice in a sealed pot. Flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and rose water and served with medium vegetable curry sauce

Most of the dishes are coated in a mild & creamy sauce. Some are non-creamy mild curries

All of these dishes are medium strength. Traditional style curryin sauce, which can he prepared hot if required

All of these dishes are traditionally fairly hot curries in

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