Mediterranean Pizza

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Start your journey around the Mediterranean with a selection of our dips and unique homemade ancient grain flatbread.

To make a meal or order more to share. Ask our team for any seasonal specials of the day.

Take away flavours of the Med with our flavour packed topped flatbread, folded and filled with Tomato, cucumber, pickled red cabbage, Gallio herb yellow cous-cous. You choose your filling and dressing.

Taste the adventure with our fresh bowls, built with a tomato & cucumber salad and pickled red cabbage. You decide the rest with a choice of topping, a choice of Gallio grains, and dressings.

Gallio's dough is made fresh daily using ancient grains, including Emmer, Spelt & Einkorn. It delivers not only a better taste, but a whole host of nutritional benefits – high in protein and antioxidants.

Select from our range of Mediterranean homemade dips/dressings. Perfect to double the flavour on our wraps and salads and also perfect to dip your pizza crusts.

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