Gandom - Persian & Middle Eastern Restaurant

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  • Hot or Cold Starters
  • Charcoal Grill
  • Mains
  • Platters To Share
  • Slow Cooked Stews
  • Sizzler Dishes
  • Sides

Hot or Cold Starters

  • Hummus

    Lebanese hummus, Chickpea puree with sesame paste (tahini), lemon, garlic and olive oil. Served with bread.


  • Baba Ganoush

    Charcoal grilled aubergine puree, mixed with sesame paste (tahini), yogurt, garlic and lemon topped with olive oil. Served with bread.


  • Kaskeh Bademjan

    fried and smashed aubergine, with walnuts fried onions, fermented sour buttermilk, aromatic herbs, and spices served with bread.


  • (V) Veggie Samosas

    3 Crispy triangular pastry filled with spiced vegetables served with sweet chilli sauce.


  • Halloumi Cheese

    Halloumi cheese and served with honey or sweet chilli sauce.


  • Chicken Wings Starter

    7 pieces of charcoal grilled chicken wings served on a bed of garnish. Upgrade to BBQ or Chilli wings +£1

    from £8.95

  • Makanek

    5 Spicy homemade Lebanese lamb sausages also known as Merguez served on a bed of garnish and a wedge of lemon


  • Meze Platter For 2

    Hummus, wings, makanek (spicy lamb sausages) and kashker bademjan served with bread.


Charcoal Grill

  • Koobideh (Kafta)

    Two skews of juicy minced lamb (kafta).


  • Joojeh (Shish Taouk)

    One Skewer of aromatic chicken marinated in saffron sauce with our taouk mix served with Lebanese garlic sauce.


  • Chenjeh (Lamb Shish)

    One skewer of marinated tender cubed lamb


  • Shishlik (Lamb Chops)

    Marinated in house and grilled tender lamb


  • Gandom Kebab

    One skewer of koobideh (lamb kafta) and one skewer of chicken (shish taouk)


  • Mix Kebab

    One skewer of chicken (shish taouk), one skewer lamb fillet


  • Soltani Kebab

    One skewer of Koobideh (lamb kafta) and one skewer of lamb fillet.


  • Grilled Chicken Wings

    Grilled chicken wings served with Persian white rice, grilled tomato and peppers. Upgrade to BBQ or Chilli wings +£1

    from £14.95

  • Kids

    A choice of Joojeh shish kebab, Chicken wings, Koobideh (lamb kafta) or sabzijat (v) all served with salad & a choice of fries or rice.



  • Braised Lamb Shank

    Braised lamb shank brewed in saffron, tumeric, ground pepper, cinnamon, onion and a hint of garlic served on a bed of fluffy mashed potatoes.


  • Chicken Taouk Salad

    Chicken Taouk breast served with, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, onion, oregano and olive oil.


  • Chicken Kabse

    Persian Spiced chicken breast served in vegetable rice


Platters To Share

  • Mixed Grill For 2

    One skewer of Lamb Fillet, one skewer of chicken (shish taouk), fried and seasoned chicken wings and 2 skewer of Koobideh (lamb kafta). Served with rice and salad


  • Hot or Cold Starter Platter


Slow Cooked Stews

  • Khoresht Gheymeh

    Traditional Persian stew with diced lamb cooked in a tomato & saffron sauce with yellow split lentils garnished with fries. Upgrade to aubergine +£1


  • Khoresht Ghormeh Sabzi

    Diced lamb cooked with finely chopped fresh spinach, parsley, coriander, chives, kidney beans and dried limes


Sizzler Dishes

  • (Vg) Sabzijat Sizzler

    Onions, mushrooms, carrots, courgettes, tomato, peppers, olive oil with Persian spices and served with rice.


  • Chicken Taouk Sizzler

    Sliced chicken breast, peppers, jalapeño, mushrooms and onion marinated in our in house marinade topped with finely chopped coriander served with fries and tortilla wrap.



  • Fries


  • White Rice


  • Dill Rice (Broad Beans)


  • Mast O Khiar

    Thick strained yoghurt mixed with cucumber and aromatic herbs.


  • Mast O Musir

    Thick strained yoghurt mixed with shallots and aromatic herbs


  • Salad Shirazi

    Finely diced tomatoes, onions, cucumber and fresh herbs mixed with a tangy lemon dressing.


  • Zeitoon Parvardeh

    Homemade olives marinated in walnut, pomegranate paste, garlic, herbs and spices.


  • Bread



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Gandom - Persian & Middle Eastern Restaurant, Experience the Taste of Lebanese, Persian, Middle Eastern & International Food at Our Restaurant in Hove. You can View our reviews on Google here After you have eaten, we'd love to get your feedback on our food and service at &

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