Gate Of India

Burgers Pizza

58 Captain Street, Greenock, PA15 4LQ

Delivery from Thu 15:50

Note: Cold Soft Drinks Also Available!

Traditional Chip Shop

Traditional Chip Shop

Add gravy or curry 60p, pickle 55p, pickled egg 75p, gherkins 75p

All burgers are served plain ask for salad, relish, mayo. Meals served with chips & can of juice

Available in: / BBQ base / Pakora base / Kebab base

Free Garlic Dip with Pizzas

All kebabs are served on fresh pitta bread with sauce & salad

Separate salad & sauce 50p extra

All hoagies are served with fries, sauce & salad.

Seperate salad & sauce 50p extra.


Add cheese slice £1.00 extra. Add mozzarella cheese £1.25 extra

Wraps come plain. Please ask for cheese, salad or mayo. No extra charge.

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