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Bangladeshi Indian Halal

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Marinated in spices, cooked in the tandoori & then cooked with coconut in masala sauce. Mild

A spicy & fairly hot dish, cooked with sliced fresh green chillies, onions & capsicum, sprinkled with fresh coriander

Cooked with fresh garlic & spiced in exotuc gravy. Medium hot

Cooked in exotic thick gravy with tomatoes & capsicum, garnished with fresh coriander, medium hot

Balti cuisine uses it's own distinctive range of spices with focus on fresh coriander & methi (fenugreek) in a rich aromatic sauce made with onions & tomatoes, served in a cast iron kashmiri pan know as balti. The strength of these dishes can be prepared to your taste, medium, madras or vindaloo & served with pilau rice or naan bread

Garnished with fresh green chillies & tomatoes, fairly hot

Diced chicken flavoured with coconut. Cooked in very mild rich creamy sauce

Pieces of chicken cooked in medium curry sauce

Diced chicken cooked in fairly hot spiced sauce with fresh lemon juice & garlic

Chicken pieces cooked with potatoes in a very hot sauce

Chicken pieces cooked with tomatoes, onion in a medium hot very rich spicy sauce

Pathia: sweet & sour, fairly hot

Dansak: cooked in hot sweet & sour sauce with lentils

Cooked with freshly diced onions in a rich medium hot

Chicken cooked with egg & potatoes in extra medium hot sauce

Main dishes extra £1.50

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