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Note: Allergies: If you have a food allergy or special dietary requirement please inform a member of our staff before you place your order

Triple Chocolate Brownies

Original Donuts: Sugar coated donuts

Cinnamon Donuts: Cinnamon coated donuts

Nutella Donuts: Topped with Nutella sauce

Biscoff Donuts: Topped with crumbled Biscoff & Biscoff sauce

Blue Sherbet Donuts: Topped with blue sherbet

White Chocolate Donuts: Topped with white chocolate sauce

Oreo Donuts: Topped with crumbled Oreos & chocolate sauce

Strawberry & Nutella Donuts: Topped with fresh strawberries & Nutella sauce

Chocolate Sprinkle Donuts: Topped with chocolate sprinkles

Rainbow Sprinkle Donuts: Topped with rainbow sprinkles & white chocolate sauce

Delicious milkshakes made with your favourite chocolate bar

Two scoops of our delicious gelato, topped with freshly whipped cream & chocolate flakes

All waffles served with vanilla gelato & Florentine wafer

All other gelato flavours 50p extra

All other gelato flavours 50p extra

Add gelato scoop £2.15 extra

All served with delicious hot custard.

Add gelato scoop £2.15 extra.

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