Gelato Royale

Desserts Café

Unit 4 Woodsend Circle, Neighbourhood Centre, Flixton, Manchester, M41 8GY

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All our sundaes are served with a wafer and a vivaldi cigar wafer topped with fresh whipped cream

All of our hot cookie dough, served with vanilla gelato or hot custard

All our crepes are made in-house, using our own froment white flour and served with fresh cream

Made fresh daily with fresh fruits. Dairy, fat & gluten free

Frozen to perfection, natural yoghurt, fat and gluten free.

Crafted for lovers of gelato royale, these special creations showcase the very best of our flavours. Experience pure captivation with every spoonful.

All are made fresh daily in store, served with vanilla gelato or your favourite gelato, whipped cream & a florentine wafer.

An exciting dessert rich, luscious chocolate melted with milk or cream for dipping fruits, biscuits and marshmallows

Delicious milkshakes made with your favourite chocolate bar.

Made with high quality whey protein.

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