Ginos Pizza & Grill

Pizza Indian Halal

69-71 Carlisle Road, Bradford, BD8 8BE

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At Gino`s we only use the freshly available ingredients & the best quality Gino's pizza sauce & 100% cheese to give you the true taste of an Italian pizza

Extra toppings are available

12" serves 2 - 3

16" serves 3 - 4

9" serves (1)

All burgers are served with fries, salad, sauce & a can of soft drink.

Finest cut Istanbul kebabs served in pitta bread with fresh combination of side salad, yoghurt mint or hot piri piri sauce

All served with fresh naan, salad & dips

Soft tortilla bread filled & topped with fresh salad & dressing. Served hot or cold

With salad & dressing

All served with fresh combination salad

100% Haddock, fried only when ordered in the finest batter.

Finger licking chicken

Freshly baked Baguettes on the premises with a choice of any two fillings, served with fries & soft drink (330ml)

All with lettuce & cheese and all served with chips and 330ml drink

Try our fresh pasta, made to order with mouth watering selection with melted cheese

Served with 2 hash browns

Includes 3 fresh chapatis, rice OR chips, in mild, medium OR  hot. Please specify

Go large for £3.00 extra

Does not include chapatis or rice

Please order separately. Thank you.

Go large for £2.50 extra

These dishes are cooked with aromatic basmati rice, saffron & garnished with salad. Served with special amali sauce

We only bake fresh when the customers place their orders.

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