Sushi Japanese

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Our sushi are freshly prepared and handcrafted in house using fresh quality ingredients.

Thicker rolls of sushi rice wrapped in toasted nori seaweed with a mixed variety of fillings.

Freshly prepared and hand cut slices of raw seafood.

Freshly prepared bento boxes with a variety of flavoursome dishes served in a traditional Japanese way. Miso soup included.

A hearty bowl of freshly cooked noodles in a hot and flavoursome broth with toppings and garnishes. (All soup noodles are garnished with spring onions, seaweed and roasted sesame seeds. Noodles except vegetarian also include a Japanese pickled egg).

Select your choice of noodles:

1. Ramen - thin wheat noodles.

2. Rice Vermicelli - very fine strands of rice noodles.

3. Udon - thick wheat noodles.

4. Flat Rice Vermicelli - broad and flat rice noodles.

(None: Noodles are cooked with egg; Garnished with fresh spring onions and sesame seeds.)

Authentic Japanese style stir-fry of fresh ingredients in a hot and flat griddle giving a flavoursome and delicious taste. Served with black pepper sauce.

All teppanyaki sets are served with rice and seasonal salad and black pepper sauce.

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