GOAT Express

Indian Bangladeshi

8 Station Road, Upminster, RM14 2UB

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Note: Allergy Awareness: This restaurant does NOT prepare

food in an allergy-free kitchen and cannot guarantee

that our foods are free from ingredients that may affect

those with food allergies. We recognise the seriousness

of food allergies, please contact us before you place

an order. We reserve the right to decline any orders for

customers with serious food allergies.

GOAT stands out in the South Asian

culinary scene, expertly blending

Indian, Bangladeshi, and Pakistani

flavours. As a true reflection of

menus on offer in the industry,

GOAT’s execution sets it apart,

delivering an unmatched culinary

journey. Join us to indulge in the true

essence of South Asian cuisine, where

tradition meets innovation with

unparalleled success.

Cooked in the clay oven and finished on the grill, served with salad and mint sauce.

Popular dishes made with the finest Asian spices.

A world-renowned Asian rice dish flavoured with fragrant spices, served with cucumber raitha, curry sauce and salad.

Our Country Style range of dishes are made with carefully selected spices, producing a rich and extraordinary flavour, cooked slightly longer than usual to release a unique taste.

All Country style dishes are served with our 'goat house rice'.

Clay Oven and Grill

All served with naan, pilau rice and curry sauce.

Can’t decide? To satisfy those cravings, why not enjoy a selection of our dishes made for those with big appetites but also great for sharing. Add our House Rice, Roasted Bombay Potatoes, and Curry Sauce for £6 / £10.

All our naans are freshly made in the Clay Oven.

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