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Golden Fried Chicken

Chicken, Chicken

216 Liverpool Road, Manchester, M30 0PF

Opening at 16:00

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4.9 stars out of 6 4.9 / 6
Food quality 4.8
Delivery time 5
Service 4.8

Based on the 102 most recent reviews

325 reviews of Golden Fried Chicken

  • 10/09/2019
    6 stars out of 6
    Food was all warm and cooked nicely They missed our onion rings but sent them back out for us. Lovely service and staff Will defo order again
  • 02/09/2019
    6 stars out of 6
  • 25/08/2019
    6 stars out of 6
    One portion of hot wings were regular cooked wings and not hot other than that perfect
  • 24/08/2019
    2.5 stars out of 6
  • 23/08/2019
    5.5 stars out of 6
    Kids enjoyed the popcorn chicken, I ordered chicken tikka kebab, it was very chewy and the Pitta bread was hard..
  • 18/08/2019
    4.5 stars out of 6
  • 14/08/2019
    2 stars out of 6
  • 13/08/2019
    6 stars out of 6
  • 31/07/2019
    1 stars out of 6
    forgot to bring my chips, so... I ended up with 4 hot wing and 4 strips for nearly a tenner which wouldn't have filled me if I had eaten it (wasn't nice) rang them about chips to be told no driver. never order from here for any reason!!!
  • 21/07/2019
    6 stars out of 6
  • 17/07/2019
    6 stars out of 6
    My food came on time it was hot not cold ,I get food from this place every time I eat out there is not one mistake they have done staff are very polite Thank you Golden fried chicken🙂🙂
  • 17/07/2019
    6 stars out of 6
    My food came on time it came hot i always ordered from good fried chicken no mistakes thanks good riied chicken 😊
  • 13/07/2019
    3.5 stars out of 6
    Food was OK. Chips were a little stale but we got delivery and altho it says 0.6 miles it's alot further. Ordered normal chicken but got hot/spicy instead. OK for me but not for my other half. And missed 2 drinks off the order. Would still order again because food was nice
  • 12/07/2019
    5.5 stars out of 6
    Good food, great service...
  • 11/07/2019
    1 stars out of 6
    **AVOID AT ALL COST** Will not be ordering from here again. Wasted £25 on food that was not eaten. Items missing. Food burnt, given sauce when asked for no sauce. One of the cans burst and it was nearly empty so been leaking for a while. No apology for being late and take away was closed when realised the F-up. Driver gave me food first and said drinks was in car and he’d get them after proceeding to say we had spent too much ordering through Just Eat and said to order through their website and we’d get £5 knocked of next order (won’t be happening) also leaflet was for a different takeaway but I later noticed it was the same address (other one is called EFC) then ran to get drinks ran back to hand the bag to me then ran back to his car and drove off so couldn’t catch him when the bag start leaking coke. Also shop was closed when I tried calling so I’ve been in contact with Just Eat and it’s now being investigated and I’ve asked for a full refund.
  • 06/07/2019
    1 stars out of 6
  • 02/07/2019
    5.5 stars out of 6
    Food was great very tasty sent wrong burger but still nice
  • 22/06/2019
    6 stars out of 6
    Good Fried Chicken nice chicken nice Chicane chicken
  • 08/06/2019
    6 stars out of 6
  • 31/05/2019
    6 stars out of 6
    Nice food lovely chicken fast delivery thank you go good Fried Chicken
  • 10/04/2019
    6 stars out of 6
  • 18/04/2019
    5.5 stars out of 6
    Gravy is disgusting but everything was lovely
  • 05/05/2019
    2 stars out of 6
  • 12/05/2019
    3.5 stars out of 6
  • 13/05/2019
    3 stars out of 6
    The worst food I’ve ever had . 2 pieces of chicken which have been deep fried , very dry and a pizza which it had a strong soury taste , I had 1 piece and I did bin the rest. Don’t waste your money , the food is very low quality
  • 22/05/2019
    6 stars out of 6
    Delivery came early nice and hot their pizzas are amazing especially there calzone there to die for thanks guys
  • 24/05/2019
    6 stars out of 6
    Nice chicken Mrs vicious Chicane spicy Nice lovely chicken thank-you good Fried Chicken
  • 27/05/2019
    6 stars out of 6
  • 29/05/2019
    3.5 stars out of 6
    Don't get the chicken steak I paid £7 for dry chicken and chips it came without fried onions and peppers and I didn't get a free garlic bread when it say's you do on orders over £12.50 firs and last for me.
  • 30/05/2019
    6 stars out of 6
    Delivery arrived on time really friendly staff and there chicken tasted amazing and was fresh really do recommend
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