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Indian Pizza

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Note: We can not guarantee that all our dishes are free from nuts or other derivatives. Occasionally our menu descriptions do not contain all ingredients, so please ask your server if you have any particular allergy or requirements

All Our Kebabs are Served in Pitta Bread with Fresh Salad and a Choice of Sauce, Unless where Specified

All Our Burgers are Served with Chips and a Choice of Sauce

Made using freshest dough with a tomato sauce base and then topped with mozzarella cheese

Served with Boiled Rice or Pilau Rice or Nan Bread or 2 Chapaties or Chips

Served with Pilau Rice, Salad and Vegetable Curry Sauce

Gently Cooked Basmati Rice and a Mix of Mild Spices and Serve with a Veg Sauce

All Dishes are Served with Pilau Rice

This Curry is Cooked with a Fresh Masala Sauce and Minced Meat. A Medium Dry Dish.served with a side choice

A Combination of Freshly Sliced Chillies and Garlic Masala Sauce, a Sharp Hot and Spicy Taste. Served with pilau rice.

A Dish Cooked with Balti Paste and Using Extra Onion and Green peppers.Served with pilau rice.

Prepared with Finely Chopped Chillies added to Garlic and Tomato with a Touch of Onion.Served with pilau rice.

Cooked with Onions, Garlic, Tomato and Spiced Scrambled Eggs, Garnished with Coriander. Served with pilau rice.

Traditional Indian Dish, Cooked with a Distinctive Rich Masala Sauce and Selective Spices

This Curry is Cooked with Traditional Mixed Pickle, Tomato, and Garlic and a Selection of Spices

A Combination of Hot Crushed Pickled Peppers and Balti Paste, Gives a Hot Aromatic Taste

Freshly Diced Onions and Chillies Combined with Bay Leaf for Added Fragrance, with Masala Sauce

Cooked in Fresh Sizzling Garlic in a Traditional Pot, with Herbs and Spices, a Rich Masala Sauce.Served with pilau rice.

This Curry is of Medium Consistency made using a Wide Range of Spices, Giving a Rich Flavour

Another All Time Popular Dish, Related to Madras but involves a Greater use of Hot Spices

Prepared with Herbs and Spices, with Tomato and Onion, Finished with Fresh Coriander

Prepared with Mild Spices, in which Coconut and Cream, are used, to create a Sweet Texture

All Time Popular Dish with a Rich Hot Flavour, Finished with Fresh Coriander

A Special Blend of Spices Fried together with Onions and Tomato, Finished with Fresh Coriander

A Dish with Fresh Fried Cubed Onion, Peppers and Tomato, Finished with Fresh Coriander

Any starter 2 curries of your choice excluding signature & tandoori specialities. Side Salad with 2 pappadoms and dips

Exquisite flavour Bengal Bhuna Style. Made using fresh garlic in the classic Balti sauce, one to savour.

Lots of Garlic peppers and onions all cooked with spices until sizzling hot, garnished with coriander

Cooked with Plenty of Garlic, tomato, Chillies, peppers and onions, with a traditional balti sauce

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