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Note: All dishes include boiled rice, fried rice or chips 30p extra. Chicken may contain bones.

Preparation times indicated for collection or delivery are approximate and subject to delay during peak hours. As a commitment to provide you with quality food, we here reduced the amount of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in all our cooking. We use vegetable oil, and chicken breast in all our cooking. We would be more than happy to cater to your specific needs.

Chinese kebabs on skewers, served with a tasty satay dip

Char sui

Roast barbecued lean pork

Fine soft noodles

Extra charge may apply without veg

Include chips

Power of chillies - beware! Very hot Thai curry cooked with coconut cream, onions & babycorns

Hot Thai curry cooked with coconut cream, onions and babycorns

Special recommended by the management

Tender cuts of meat, quick fried with garlic, onion & home-made savoury sauce, lightly spiced

This hot & spicy dish consists of freshly cut peppers & onion, tossed with home-made five-spiced salt & bombarded with red-hot chilli sauce

Served with finely cut peppers & onion, simmered in a delicious sweet tangy sauce - not spicy

Is a spicy dish from the Mongu! Province of China, using red chilli pepper, quick-fried with garlic, onion, bamboo shoots & water chestnut & blended with a home-made chilli sauce. Hot.


Prime cut meat stir-fried in a hot garlic sauce with vegetables, fruity flavoured with a hint of spice finishing with cashew nut.

Beauty of spicy hot bean sauce! Together with finely cut onion and colourful pepper and vegetables, stir-fried with garlic clove. Hot.

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