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Chinese Oriental

7a Regent Road, Altrincham, WA14 1RY

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Note: Which ingredients can cause a problem? Nuts, milk, cereals containing gluten, peanuts, soya, mustard, lupin, eggs, fish, crustaceans, molluscs, sesame seeds, celery, sulphur dioxide

If you are allergic to nuts or seafood or any ingredients etc. Please speak to the restaurant directly before placing an order

Good Choice

Good Choice

Good Choice

Create your own favourite dish

Choose one of the following:

A. Sweet & sour sauce

B. Salt & pepper (hot)

C. Black bean sauce with green pepper (hot)

D. Black pepper sauce (hot)

E. Cantonese OK sauce

F. Chilli & garlic sauce

G. Oyster sauce

H. Kung bo sauce (hot) (nuts)

I. Szechuan sauce (hot)

J. Cashew nuts (nuts)

K. Ginger & spring onions

L. Mushrooms

M. Pineapple

N. Mixed vegetables

O. Water chestnuts & bamboo shoots

P. Foo yung (scrambled egg)

Q. Fried rice dishes

R. Curry sauce (hot)

S. Satay sauce (hot) (nuts)

T. Chow mein

U. Thai red curry (hot)

V. Thai green curry (hot)

Good Choice

Good Choice

Good Choice

Good Choice

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