Gorman's Fish & Chips Byker

Fish & Chips Burgers

17 Potts Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1ED

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100% lamb meat for our doner kebab served with chips or salad.

Add Cheese, Chips and Salad for extra £1.00

It’s breaded chicken wings, deep fried then dipped in a sauce, all served with chilli or garlic

All burgers served in a bun, salad and sauce.

Add chips £1.20 extra and cheese for 30p extra

Choose chips or salad

Add Salad and Chips for £1.00 each and Cheese for £1.20

With chips or salad and sauce.

Choose tomato or bechamel sauce. All served with chips or salad and sauce.

All meals come with small sauce, carton of pop and sweets.

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