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  • German Hot Dogs
  • Gourmet Half Pounder Burgers
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Meal Deal

  • Footlong Hotdog, Chips, and a Can 330ml


  • Medium Hotdog, Chips, and a Can 330ml


  • Quarter Pound Burger, Chips, and a Can 330ml


  • 6oz Burger, Chips, and a Can 330ml


Hot Dogs

  • Pork

    A full flavourful, tasty pork sausage with onion or salad

    from £2.60

  • Cumberland

    The favourite English pork sausage, seasoned with sage and black pepper

    from £2.60

  • Mexican

    A spicy chilli pork sausage

    from £2.60

German Hot Dogs

  • Frankfurter

    A mouthwatering smoked pork sausage, great with cheese

    from £6.50

  • Bratwurst

    The favourite German pork sausage, lightly seasoned with salt, pepper and herbs

    from £6.50

  • Chilli Beef

    A flavoursome 100% beef and chilli sausage

    from £6.50

Gourmet Half Pounder Burgers

  • Beefburger

    A really tasty, juicy burger


  • Cheeseburger

    Topped with oozing, melted mature English cheddar


  • Caribbean Chilli Burger

    Seasoned with our special bajan sauce, hot and full of flavour


  • Stilton Cheeseburger

    Topped with melted creamy blue cheese, perfection!


  • Double Egg Burger

    A juicy beef burger sandwiched between two fried eggs, and old school favourite!


  • Double Egg Cheeseburger

    A juicy beef burger sandwiched between two fried eggs, and old school favourite! Smothered in melted cheese and bacon


  • Double Cheese Bacon Burger

    A super tasty burger loaded with melted cheese and bacon


  • Gourmet Special Burger

    Topped with egg, bacon and melted mature English cheddar, a massive tower of deliciousness!


  • Quarter Pound Burger


  • 6oz Burger


Breakfast Menu

  • Danish Bacon Baps

    from £3.25

  • Egg Bap

    from £1.95

  • Egg Roll

    from £1.95

  • Foot Long Bacon Roll

    3x rashes of Danish bacon


  • Foot Long Bacon and Cheese Roll

    3x rashes of Danish bacon and melted mature English cheddar


  • Foot Long Bacon, Cheese and Egg Roll

    2x rashes of Danish bacon, melted mature English cheddar and 2x eggs


French Fries and Chips

  • French Fries

    from £1.95


  • Whippy '99' Ice Cream

    Served in a waffle cone or tub with chocolate flake

    from £3.25

  • Oyster

    Shell shaped wafers filled with ice cream


  • Knickerbocker Glory with Flake

    Served with chocolate sauce, nuts and a chocolate flake



  • Slush

    Frozen flavoured ice drink.

    from £2.60

  • Milkshakes 500ml

    Large thick milkshakes made with ice cream.


  • Cans 330ml


  • Hot Drinks 350ml



  • Momo (Dumplings) 8 Pieces



Sunday 30 June 2024
Great food :-)
Saturday 15 June 2024
No cheese on bacon cheese burger
Wednesday 12 June 2024
Friday 07 June 2024
Sunday 02 June 2024
Sunday 02 June 2024
First time trying this... was absolutely delicious, it was alot better then some places that are more exspensive. would recommend this to everyone.
Sunday 26 May 2024
poor quality food
Saturday 25 May 2024
Fantastic 👍👍👍👍👍
Thursday 23 May 2024
1st time customer, shame the footlong hot dog came with onions but overall the food was fantastic and very filling
Wednesday 22 May 2024
Excellent tasty food 👍

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Perfect for anyone who can't live without a burger fix. At GOURMET SAUSAGE & BURGER CATERING burgers are a passion - which juicy offering will you choose? With easy ordering and prompt delivery, you just need to tuck in and enjoy! After you have eaten, we'd love to get your feedback on our food and service at www.just-eat.co.uk

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